Thursday, December 15, 2016


My brother Adam just flew in from California on Monday. It has been so great having him home. We've been baking a lot these last few days. My mom got a new pan to make a house, and Anastasia and I had fun decorating them. 

Here are the finished results.

Sveta helped make cinnamon popcorn to give to the kids teachers as Christmas gifts.

The choir had a Christmas party last night. Annalyn and Thomas are in choir, and I plan to join it after the new year. For the party, I made carrot cake cupcakes. I was feeling creative so I decided to decorate them with little carrots.

Not much of them got eaten. That just means more for us at home. I personally love carrot cake, but I can see why some wouldn't. 

 After the kids got home from school, we decorated cookies. 

Nolan was particularly excited, and took extra care with each cookie.


Marilyn Reid said...

I LOVE carrot cake and yours look beautiful. I like baking too, but really don't do too much anymore unless I'm having company, because them my husband and I would have to eat it all :-) The kids all look happy decorating their cookies. That is always a fun activity, isn't it? You have a great day Julia :-)

Marilyn from Canada.

Buba said...

Lovely how you know how to make a "home". I found that a special gift now that women tend to "work outside" and "be independent" is really important to keep the love to, not only our house, but to our home.
Keep baking!