Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Crazy Journey

Monday morning Thomas called me and woke me up at 5:55 saying he was in front of my house. He also called me at 5:30 to say the same thing, but I didn't hear it. So he just waited outside until I answered. My flight left at 10:50 out of Ontario (about 45 minutes from my house), so I thought we were going to leave around 7:30. Thomas had other plans and took me out for a nice breakfast at Denny's and said I could order whatever I wanted. I love him. <3 I wanted my last breakfast in the states for awhile to be extra memorable, so I got a Pancake Puppie Sundae. Probably not the healthiest choice, but yum! :)

Ontario airport is nothing like LAX, which I've flown out of before. We got there about 8:30, and Thomas was able to park and help me bring my luggage to check in. Afterwards, I had to head up the escalator to go through security and Thomas wasn't able to follow. Thinking it would take forever like at LAX, I went up at 9:15, but was out of security at 9:30 and waiting at the terminal. It was so fast! It was nearly an hour until we boarded, so I could have waited longer with him. But oh well. I ended up calling my mom, dad, and grandparents to say goodbye, and then I called Thomas again for the last 15min or so.

I was a little bit worried because my flight was supposed to land in Dallas at 3:45, and my next flight was supposed to start boarding at 3:55 (take off at 4:35), so a very short layover. Before boarding my first flight, I asked the attendant if there was anyway I could be left off first, or if there were any closer seats, but she said that there wasn't and they didn't do that. A nice man overheard the conversation and offered to switch seats with me so I'd be a little closer. That was really awesome and just gave me comfort knowing God was there looking out for me.

Well on my first flight, bad weather conditions caused it to be delayed by 30 minutes. When I heard that I freaked out. I knew for sure I'd miss my next flight. On that flight, the man sitting next to me (whom I talked with the entire flight) reassured me and said if one flight is delayed, most likely my other one would be too. Sure enough, he was right, and it didn't leave until 5:15.

On that flight, as we got closer, we flew right through a storm. The lightning looked so cool from the airplane. God put on a firework display for me to watch. It was kinda scary, but God kept us safe. I took a video of it, but it's nothing compared to what I actually saw. I tried uploading it, but it's not working. I'll try again a different time.

After getting off the plane, immigration and customs was easy to go through, and before I knew it I saw Wanda, her daughter Krishauna, and Krishauna's husband Andi waiting outside. On the drive to the home, my stomach started growling, and I realized that all I had eaten that day was the sundae, and two little bags of pretzels on the plane. :)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Back in Guatemala

After two flights with delays, I made it back to Guatemala safely. Thank you all for your prayers. I'm exhausted though after a day of travel but will catch you guys up with more detail after a good nights rest.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tickets Booked!

A lot has happened since coming home. Probably (I mean definitely) the most exciting thing is I got engaged to the sweetest guy I've ever met. We met at bible study awhile back, and he "officially" asked me out in February. Since then we have gotten to know each other more and just knew we were meant to be. He loves my family, and is so good with kids. He encouraged me the entire time I was in Guatemala the first time, and is so happy I'm going again, but will miss me like crazy as I will him.

The tickets are booked for this next trip from August 29th to November 30th. I'm looking forward for my next adventure and seeing everybody again. Please pray that all goes well. Stay tuned!