Saturday, October 29, 2016

Catching Up

Everyday this week I heard a little voice in my head saying I need to do a blogpost. I know it's been awhile. I can say things have been crazy and I'm too busy, and that's partially true, but I have had time to do other things like watch a movie, go on walks, etc. Finally my brother Adam wrote to me last night "You haven't updated the blog in awhile. Hope everything is ok over there. Miss you!" I know I need to find the time to blog to let everyone know how I'm doing. Here's a kinda long post to catch you guys up. 

Joshua and Jonathan do something a couple times a year called "3 day survivor".  It is when they basically live on the roof for three days straight. They plan their meals, bring books, decks of cards, snacks, water, etc. They only come down for the bathroom, and to get their food for the day in the morning. I told them I would stay up with them for a night, but on the night when I was going to, I wasn't feeling too well. So instead, I joined them for breakfast the  next morning. 

These boys are so creative. They got old metal formula cans and used one for the fire. They drilled holes in it so  they were able to start it and poke the fire. On top of the fire was another formula can with water in it. They were heating it up for oatmeal. They dumped 6 packs of it into the can and waited for it to cook. The water never got hot enough, and it started to rain. We used an umbrella, but the fire still went out. The result was lukewarm chunky oatmeal. We ate it, but the pranksters that these boys are when I was out of the tent for a minute, they put a hot powder in mine. It was totally obvious, but I took a bite anyways. I ended up trading my bowl for Josh's. Overall, it was an unforgettable fun morning on the roof. :) 

Rafael turned 11 years old this past week. He didn't know what to think of all that was going on. He did squeal a little bit though, so I'm sure he was happy. 

Alison is a great helper when it comes to folding laundry.

Especially at eating the socks! I love this sweet girl so much. Her smile just gets prettier everyday. 

Story time with the three little bumblebees. These girls can be so sweet and precious at times, but get in so much trouble at the same time. They are like sour patch kids. First they're sour, then they're sweet. 

A young couple came a few weeks ago. They are going to live in Guatemala for about a year serving with this ministry. On my day off, I took them on a walk to show them around San Antonio Aguas Calientes. While walking, we saw this wall art and took a pic. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Answering Questions

Addie Talley- "I love reading your posts.... what is the weather/temps like there? What do the locals normally wear? What foods do you normally eat?"

The weather here couldn't be more perfect.  It normally stays between 60-80. It's still overcast  and rainy, but they say we are entering the dry season and it's weird to still be this way in October. I went on a walk today, and it drizzled, but it felt so nice. The ladies here  wear cortes (skirts), fajas (belts), and beautiful hand woven shirts. The cortes are a piece of fabric that get wrapped around you and held up with the faja. Here is a pic of Yeni with her corte and faja.

I don't have any pics of the food I normally eat, but will start taking pics and do a post on food after I've gathered enough. 

Marilyn Reid- "How lovely that they celebrate their children. I enjoy your blog Julia. You are an amazing young lady and I'm wondering how long you are staying there this time? I don't remember reading how long. I'm sure the orphanage is very grateful for all your help. A friend of mine when she was in nursing school about 20 years ago went there to help people who were living in a land fill. She said it was such an eye opener. Keep up the good work."

Thanks Marilyn! At times it's hard, and I really appreciate your comment. And just thank you to everyone who have left me some. The first time I came it was only 1 month, but this time I'm here for 3 months, so a total of 4. I go home on November 30th.

A few days ago I was relaxing with Edy and Katie took this pic without me knowing. Edy's been having some really good days lately with almost no crying at all. I really love cuddle time with him.  

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Día del Niño

October 1st was Kids Day here in Guatemala. It's where all the families come together to just celebrate their kids. Here, we wanted to do something fun for our kids to make them feel extra loved. A lady here who knows about this home gave us 500 quetzales (about $65) to spend for that day. We took the kids on a walk to the park and got ice cream. Then for lunch, we got pizza and soda. They had a blast! 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Checha!

This past week, we celebrated Checha's 18th birthday. He told us that no one ever celebrated his birthday before, and that this would be his first party. We tried to make it extra special by decorating, and using noise makers (probably a bit too much :) ). I'm so grateful to have been a part of his celebration. 

He loves the Iron Man movies, so Katie decorated his cake with it. I think she did a fantastic job!

We didn't have him blow out the candles, so instead he used a plate to blow them out. He had so much fun waving it around. 

Then of course Daryl had to shove some icing in his face. He didn't mind though. :)

Merlyn and I enjoyed watching the celebration.