Monday, June 19, 2017

Spending Time with Adam

Adam is such an amazing big brother. While the girls were at the shower, he watched all of the kids at the house where he's staying. All of them were so excited to see him again! Afterwards, he came back to our aunt's house with us and spent Sunday with us. Oliver wanted some cuddle time with Adam in the morning. So sweet!

After breakfast, before it got too hot, all the kids went to the park. They did obstacle courses, played catch, and climbed trees.

After the park, Adam treated us all to Rite Aid ice cream.

We got home, had lunch, hung out for a bit, and then Adam treated the older kids out to Starbucks.

Thank you Adam for everything! It was so great seeing you again, and I can't wait to see you for the wedding. You are awesome, so talented, smart, and a great role model. I miss having you around.

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Marilyn Reid said...

He is a GREAT big brother and a terrific role model for all the boys. Oliver is so cute, isn't he? I think Natalie likes her big brother too :-) Your wedding is coming up quickly now! The time goes so fast I find.

Marilyn from Canada