Friday, June 8, 2018

Water Park Fun!

Summer is here. To kick it off, we went to visit some good friends out in mid-Texas. It's a four hour drive to them, but definitely worth it. We spent the day at a water park nearby. We had a blast!

Here we are waiting in line to get into the park. 

 Once inside, the kids went crazy. It wasn't too crowded, and there was plenty to do such as a lazy river, water slide, obstacle course, and diving board. 

 I spent a lot of time with Oliver there. He definitely impressed me. He is fearless in the water, and is a great swimmer, even in the deep end. 

 The diving board was a favorite. Here's Jonny doing a back flip. 

 Oliver even jumped off the diving board several times. He was a little bummed because he wasn't tall enough for the water slide though. 

 Here comes Sveta! Today also happened to be her 21st birthday. The girls went out last Sunday to get pedicures to celebrate. I can't believe she is 21! She is such a beautiful, caring young lady. 

My mom and Tina stayed at the house, and we got to come home to homemade lasagna. Yum!


Marilyn said...

Hi Julia.........what a fun day! Looks like everyone had a blast. Happy Birthday to goodness 21! The years just seem to fly by.

Marilyn from Canada

alex amarxon said...

I was getting over the flu - so my job was picture taker and towel holder.
Christy went on some of the tube slides with James!
דילים לרודוס

Thomas Borchmann said...

How I wish I could have joined everyone on this weekend. Would have much rather been there then at work. Anyway I love you Julia